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BB Glow, consists of a non-invasive collagen induction treatment applied with small painless polycarbonate needles that are introduced into the first layers of the skin using microneedles, colored serum containing powerful active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and peptides that nourish the skin from the first deep layers.

The BB Glow treatment – ​​is the most advanced and safe and intensive treatment developed in Korea, for the rejuvenation of the facial skin. It provides both moisture, color and super glow.
You now have the option of adding a BB glow foundation that matches your skin tone.

The results of undergoing the BB Glow treatment are immediate, creating a permanent makeup effect, each skin reacts differently to the application.


BB Glow Facial:

– Reduces pigment spots

– Reduces uneven skin tone

– Minimizes dark circles under the eyes

– Reduces pores

– Provides stimulation of collagen production

– Increases skin elasticity

– Fights redness

– Smoothes the skin

Cannot be performed on people with:

Nerves, warts, papilloma in the treatment area;
Blood coagulation disorders, blood disorders;
Acute infectious diseases
Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Acute inflammatory processes
Skin diseases in the affected area (eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis)
The formation of hypertrophic and keloid
Inflamed acne;
Open wounds and burns
Allergy to components
With caution in diabetes and herpes.

Change bedding often
No sun 1 week after treatment.
No makeup on treated area for min. 24 hours after treatment
Use sunscreen
No training for 24 hours after treatment
No AHA products for the skin
Risk of soreness and redness in the treated area during the first 24 hours
The skin may become a little dry after the 3rd day after the treatment, so it is good to hydrate the skin in the following days
Drink plenty of water
No peeling for the first 4 days
You will be able to see a difference after the 6th day


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